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Are you a Firearms Beginner?

The Instructor Team at PROFIRE USA understands what it's like to be a beginner!

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Are you a Firearms Beginner?

The Instructor Team at PROFIRE USA understands what it's like to be a beginner!

After all, we were all beginners once and, even though it has been decades for some of our instructors, all of us embrace the well-known martial art principle, "Always a student, sometimes a teacher."

The last thing you need as someone who is new to firearms is for an instructor who has either forgotten this principle or, worse yet, never knew it in the first place.

When you are evaluating prospective instructors, and teachers in any discipline, one good question to ask them is when they were last a student in the subject they are teaching?

Next, ask them how many hours of recurrent and advanced training in their field they have completed after they became an instructor?

NRA Basic Pistol Phase-II Practical
$99 / person

Before attending this in-person, practical session, students are required by the NRA to complete a comprehensive online Phase-I course which is fun and informative. This online study consists of 11 lessons which may be completed at the student's own pace and on their own schedule. The Phase-I online course costs $60 and students pay this amount directly to the NRA when they register on the NRA site HERE.

The NRA Basic Pistol Phase-II Practical session covers a variety of handguns including single action only and double action revolvers, single action only, double/single action and striker-fired semi-automatic pistols.

Students will handle each of these action types and will have the opportunity to shoot more than one handgun. The classroom session is about 3 hours and is followed by a live-fire range session lasting 2 to 3 hours.

*Students may also bring their own handgun. The course of fire requires a minimum of 200 rounds. Range fees are included in the course tuition. Students are responsible for either bringing their own ammunition or paying for it at class.

Each student completing this official NRA Basic Pistol course will receive a valuable student handbook and a personalized certificate signed by their instructor that is suitable for framing.