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Here's what some of our students have said over the years. Each comment is from a separate student and we have numerous others on file.

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Student Comments

Here's what some of our students have said over the years. Each comment is from a separate student and we have numerous others on file.

"Bob is a absolute master of his craft. If you find yourself asking the question when your looking at a course, "I hope I get my money's worth?" I can promise you that any of his courses will not only meet but will far exceed your expectations. His teaching style is energizing, hands on and very in depth.

By the end of the day I can promise you that you will be turned into an instant fan and find yourself signing up for more. Bob goes beyond what is expected; he not only teaches you the material but gives you the tools for instant success.

Whether your looking to be simply educated in firearms or start a business from it, he puts all the tools in your toolbox for you to build from! So if your a beginning shooter all the way to an experienced instructor the only question you should have is this, Am I ready for the challenge?"

"I liked the pace and sequence of how course materal was presented. Energetic, passionate about what they do and very knowledgeable. Best of the best! They kept it in simple terms for a technical topic... I think the course is set up great!"

"I felt there was a lot of detailed information that I did not know. I liked the energy and expertise of the instructors. A very 'real' and informative course on concealed carry... All the instructors were very informative and knew their information first hand. I appreciated their knowledge, safety, etc."

"Safety, safety, safety! Very informative... probably the best info yet - very qualified instructors."

"Worth every buck, tons of info... Everyone was very nice, informative, pleasant and all around great people. Thanks."

"Excellent presenters, lots of information. Great presentation skills. Personable and all felt like 'good people.' A comprehensive overview of Utah and Colorado requirements for concealed carry with good info about decision making... They did a great job."

"Instructors kept the class moving. Kept it upbeat. Good course, would highly recommend."

"Excellent and well put together... it was damn near perfect... Thank you for a great class so well thought out and executed."

"Everyone was very nice and the information on the federal and state laws was very informative... I think the presentation was fantastic.. Thanks a bunch PROFIRE!"

"Very informative, presented in a way that kept you interested throughout the whole course. Lots of real life illustrations to help the concepts make sense. Very well done, lots of information."

"Interesting presentation, scenarios were useful for thinking about defensive situations. Worthwhile, don't need to be a 'gun nut' to benefit from it... Presentation was great. I wouldn't change anything."

“Good intro to concealed carry & the responsibilities that go along with carrying.”

“It was a great one day course. I will be back for other courses.”

“It had life and did not drag. Very good information. Great class!”

“Clear, concise w/humor. Used scenarios, true stories, etc. to drive a point.”

“It was eye opening. A lot more than I thought .. The restriction on where & why - awareness & avoidance. It was great. Candidness and ability to get all questions answered. Honesty and stories to highlight seriousness of material. A must take course.”

“Thorough & organized. Good ‘flow’ of information. Well-spoken. Adjunct instructors very appropriate.”

“If you are going to carry a gun, you need to take this course.”

“I learned more than expected about situations... Funny, not boring, great facts, kept things moving & on time. Great info to know even if you don’t get a permit.”

"The scenarios presented for situations that made you think. Ability to mix humor into a deadly serious issue. Very thorough."

"A must take course. Very informative... Great job."

"I liked how the speaker made the time 'fly by' with well chosen facts and information. I thought that each of the instructors had a pleasant sense of humor... I loved this course. Money welll spent."

"They were very knowledgeable in the subject and were able to present it with some humor without maing light of the subjects. Worthwhile - your time and money well spent."

“Professional presentation. Excellent materials. Comprehensive. Great follow through on info. Effective.”

“I really enjoyed the discussion of practical knowledge and when to get involved. Instructor was very informative and knowledgeable. I have a much better understanding the responsibilities of a CCW license.”

“Awesome and very, very informative. Honestly, I don’t see how it could improve. 100% satisfied. Truly appreciate this class and the instructors.”

“I think the value of this class is ten times what it actually cost. I will absolutely recommend it to my friends that are responsible gun enthusiasts.”

“The class exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed with all the instructors and information provided. I will recommend PROFIRE to everyone I meet who expresses interest in handguns. I looked over your web site and look forward to attending more of your classes. Thanks again for an ‘exceptional’ class!!!”

“The overall knowledge gained was tremendous. Active demonstrations and actual real scenarios. Very informative and held by skilled and trained professionals.”

“.. very in-depth information given by (instructor). He is very knowledgeable. Very informative ... I don’t think there could be much improvement. The course is very good. I’m very glad I took this CCW class. It was very good. I learned a lot that I didn’t know.”

“Fast moving, minimal time wasted, outstanding instructor & support staff. A ‘must’ have, thorough, intelligent & fun. Great job.”

“The intensity & earnest demeanor of the instructors. It’s easy to see they believe in what they do. Tough, fantastic, long but rewarding - very worthwhile - reinforcing. Don’t know what you could do to improve anything. Really liked how Bob & Paul worked as a team - the info was to the point and very understandable. Don’t know what I expected but you put me at ease & charged to learn & do my best to be a responsible CC person. Thank you so very much for all you did.”

“He (instructor) was excellent, knowledgeable - kept class engaged. Really enjoyed class - liked how efficient it was handled & personalities of all instructors."

“Great instructors. Very descriptive. Something you must do.”

“Presented in an entertaining manner with expertise. Presented to maintain attention - Great real life examples. Well worth time & money - very informative.”

“Thorough training. Made sure I understood everything. Very good class.”

“Very engaging. Informative, well worth the money.”